How to choose the best access control system for your business

In today’s world, there are ever-changing threats which make the need for an access control system essential for your business. Not only do access control systems protect your commercial building they can also make your operations run considerably more seamless.

With that said, its important to know that the best security system for one company, may not be the best system for your organization. Your first step is to compose a list of the features you need and the features you’d like to have implemented in the future.

By carefully assessing your security needs ICS can help create a system that will best match your business’s needs.

Here are a few features to get you started:
  • Size of the system: Small, Stand-Alone to Large, Enterprise, Multi-Location Deployments
  • Private Cloud based Installations
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Biometrics)
  • Cabling, Card Reader, Electronic Lock Installation

  • Intrusion, Video, Access Control Integration

  • Effective design and implementation of multiple use buildings
  • Photo ID Badging
Choosing an access control system

Depending on how many areas you need to secure (ie. doors/lockers) will help you choose the right access control system for your business.

From securing one area to potentially thousands of areas, there are solutions available from one end of the spectrum to the other.

What could be considered a security threat?

Today, anything could be considered a threat but here are just a few of the types of threats that can harm your businesses operations and assets:

  • Intruders
  • Disgruntled ex-employees
  • Terrorists
  • Natural disasters
Are some properties more susceptible to security threats then others?

If your building is located near a major highway or a tourist attraction, you are at a much higher risk of crime and may need extra protection.
All businesses have their own security concerns, but some types of businesses inherently have a stronger risk. Banks, government offices, and chemical corporations require additional security which should be taken into consideration when selecting an access control system.

What is the breakdown of costs?

Going for the solution with the smallest upfront costs could cost you a fortune in the long run. It’s important to consider all costs over time to decide which system will give you the best value for your investment. Consider the costs that are related to operation, upgrades, maintenance, training, and other aspects of owning an access control system.

Keep in mind the life span of your system

Security technology continues to advance, developing better, more cost-effective methods, so you will want to make sure your security system is reviewed every 3 to 5 years to ensure that your system is up to date.

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