Benefits of a Commercial Intrusion Detection System for your Business

Intrusion detection systems have gained in popularity with businesses everywhere wanting to secure their valuable assets from private customer information to equipment. Commercial businesses lose millions of dollars per year from inventory loss and vandalism. But what exactly is an intrusion detection system and why does your business need one?

Investing in an intrusion detection security system, including surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and access control systems can provide long-term benefits. ICS offers top of the line intrusion detection security services and monitoring in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. regions, and we can help reduce the chance of theft and increase your confidence in the protection of your assets.

Benefits of a professionally installed commercial intrusion detection security system:

  • Proof of theft

  • 24/7 Monitoring of numerous locations from one central device

  • Reducing vandalism

  • Tracking product inventory movement

  • Preventing fraud and insurance liability claims

  • Reduce insurance costs

  • Fence-Line and Outer Perimeter Detection

Intrusion Detection system work hand-in-hand with Access Control Systems, here are a few of the benefits of having an access control system:

  • Deterrence of trespassers to restricted areas

  • Customizable security levels for employees

  • Eliminate the need to change locks when an employee quits or is fired

  • Multiple door access with single key card

  • Restrict unauthorized access

Utilizing an intrusion detection security system for your business addresses the challenges your company or organization faces everyday, which may include both internal and external protection.

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